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CHAM Cinematic Framework

Using the CHAM Cinematic Framework I help conscious capitalist CEOs create an environment where the whole company lives out their values, now.

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Conscious organizations know their values drive the organization.

It is difficult to actually achieve the cultural shift you desire. If you follow this system for Changing Hearts And Minds (CHAM) it will help you transform how your team functions in a purpose-driven environment. 

CHAM Cinematic Framework takes a cinematic approach to usher in cultural change within your organization. It is created in such a way to effect how your purpose influences the organization, how stakeholders perceive your driving force, changes leadership’s ownership of your values and tells the story of a changed environment.

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"Owen is a gem! He has done terrific work for us - high quality videos and reasonably priced. I recommend him without reservation."

Drew Clancy

"Amazing attention to detail. Honest with more than total integrity. Very fair pricing. I would work with them again, any time."

Bob Garrett

"Did a amazing job helping with our product branding and launch, highly recommend Phil for ANY design needs!!"

Mike Spencer