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Living Our Values

How long are you willing to wait for your values to be in the driver’s seat?

Are you an executive whose organization is struggling to let your values drive how business is conducted?

Are you frustrated that your values have not changed the work culture? 

Have you ever wished your purpose is clearly evident to all stakeholders?

Have you ever wanted to have a positive influence on the business community?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…

I understand.

I was part of an organization that experienced the same challenges.

We worked very hard to change our work culture. The struggle was worth it because it was a good thing for everyone.

But, there was one thing missing.

We did effectively communicate how our values actually drove our business.

Everyone that should have known and been impacted by our story were not.

No matter how well we did and how we continued to get better we were never going to see the full reward from our efforts. 

To be transparent, it was very frustrating. 

I told myself when given the opportunity I would develop a program to do what we should have done back then.

Out of this came my system that I call…

“CHAM Cinematic Framework”

CHAM is an acronym for “Changing Hearts and Minds”. Your organization’s path to become a truly purpose-driven organization is unique. Your story, I mean the real story, not only has the ability to reach and influence people it can change culture.

I remember years ago the company I worked for went all in on changing the work culture. It felt so good to work for a company that not only built a business we were proud of it was absolutely a great place to work. As an executive it felt good to share with everyone how I felt about our company especially to career seekers. During the interview process I remember seeing candidates desire to be part of our team exponentially peak the more we exposed them to our culture.

You have to tell your story because your story speaks to and influences your audience in a way that only you can.

Your story has many twists and turns that are uniquely yours. The stumbles, successes, celebrations and all that went into creating a healthy environment all speak to the fact that your organization truly adheres to the values that you have put forth.

A healthy environment is highly desired by career minded people, stakeholders, associates, and your community. Leveraging your success is an attraction for your organization. Who wouldn’t want to work for an organization that is purpose-driven.


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